Easter Camp News 2014

M&A’s was delighted to have an exciting camp full of lots of eager and busy children , excited to make new friends, meet old friends and partake in lots of sing songs, dance and activities….

It was great to have the sun shining so brightly at our Easter Camp this year, this was an added bonus to our fun packed and happy days at camp!

Children of all ages partook in Lego, Art Work, Pot Painting, Puzzles and Design and lots of singing and dancing to name but a few activities!!!!

The younger and older children enjoyed play dough, Junior Lego, painting, colouring ,sticking and gluing along with lots of fun games and activities and the older children enjoyed Lego, learning songs such as “Let it be” from Frozen , “Happy”- by Farrell Williams , “This is Awesome” from the Lego Movie and of course “Mid Night Memories” from One Direction!

All the children enjoyed playing dress up, bistro and boutique shopping games, this proved to be a great success in which children designed their own menus, and shop layout and price list as well as role play of Shop Manager, assistants, customers, waitress/waiter and chef!

This is a great exercise and learning game to help children use their imaginations to explore in make belief, this helps the children with their social skills, language development and problem solving skills!

Children enjoy social  interaction with each other and basically it is so much fun pretending to be adults by playing occupations games but little do the children know how much they are learning from the practicality of every day skills of the grown up!!

As the weather was quite sunny, we got to have a nice picnic outside and of course do lots of exercises and games outside too!

The older children painted and designed their own plant pot and then potted their pots and sowed some lovely seeds, they were taught how to look after their seeds and by ensuring water , heat and sunshine they will have lovely pots of flowers this Summer!

We took some pictures of the children during camp, click on the images to enlarge, hope you enjoy…..