Spring Semester and Easter Camps

Busy Spring Term at M&A

M&A’s had a very busy Spring Term where the Pre School Children in our Montessori enjoyed lots of lovely celebrations to include the change in seasons from Winter to Spring and special days such as Valentines day, Mother’s Day, World Book Week, St. Patricks Day and Easter Time!

For St. Patricks Day all the children were encouraged to dress in green and encouraged to partake in St. Patricks Day fun games and Irish Music and Dance. I played Jigs and Reels for the children and we all partook in a Polka dance which was fun!

We all enjoyed this special green party and it was important to include the Aistear theme of Identity and Belonging and for children to understand as much about their Irish heritage as possible and they are hugely part of this!

We not only celebrated the birth of Spring but some lovely birthdays to include that of Jack, Millie, Rimgo , Sophie and Callum, we had lovely little treats and a small cake in school to celebrate their special day and of course sings songs and games!

For Easter Week, the Montessori children learnt about the beauty of Spring and new growth, they were also looking forward to the visit of Mr Easter Bunny who left lots of lovely treats for the Montessori Children! We finished our term with a little Easter Party, with a lovely story, dance and music movement and Easter Games!

The Art Class children completed their Easter Bunny Silhouette and Easter Egg Craft which involved painting, drawing and some chocolates!!!

We wish everybody a Happy Easter and if you would like some information on our Easter Camps please check the home page!

Our Summer School Schedule will be featuring on April the 28th!




December 2013

Following from our very busy, fun and successful Halloween Camp, M&A’s has had a very busy few weeks leading up to Christmas,

The Smaller Children in our Pre-2014; School , enjoyed the themes of At the Supermarket, at the Zoo and All about Christmas time, all the children are very happy and excited about Christmas time and they are learning about the importance of this special holiday!

Children in the Montessori enjoyed putting up the Christmas decorations with teachers and getting the Nature and Interest table ready for our Christmas themed week, we are also enjoying out Christmas Countdown and each day we count down the days and sleeps till Santa comes, all the children are also enjoying the Christmas Advent Calendar and Christmas Carols, Crafts, Stories and Christmas themed number games.

Christmas Craft Class
This ran for a few weeks it was very festive, children created their own special Christmas craft, this involved a lovely picture of a beautiful Christmas Fire Place scene followed by a wreath with a Cardboard front door. The children also created a lovely Christmas Table Centre this included dried pine cones, Christmas Ribbon, a chocolate treat and homemade Christmas decorations. The children were all very excited to bring home their lovely decorations!

Christmas Carol workshop-2014
This was held on the 7th of December ,children from 4 years of age to 12 years of age participated in the Christmas Carol Workshop! This was a lovely evening of singing, percussion, instrumental exercises and we finished it all off with a a small Christmas Party . Children were each given a Christmas Carol Lyric pack with all their favourite Christmas Carols to enjoy. Lots of children wore Santa, Rudolph and Snowmen hats and we all had the pleasure of listening to M&A’s guitar students Emily Flynn, Aaran Moran and Katyln Flannery all playing the guitar and performing a Christmas piece for all in the workshop.

Music Classes
All our Instrumental Classes are finishing up this week for our Christmas Break, Children in the various instrumental classes learned how to play lots of lovely Christmas Songs and Melodies for the Christmas season so it was a very enjoyable term for all our Music Students.

We at M&A’s would like to wish all our students and parents a very happy and healthy Christmas and a happy New Year, we look forward to seeing everybody in 2014 for lots of more fun Activities in our new term.

M&A’s Montessori Autumn Semester Update

M&A’s are very busy for our Autumn Semester all the children are now very settled into the Montessori routine, the children are learning about the importance and beauty of Autumn time and this is achieved through Art, Music and Poetry along with our lovely Autumn Nature and Interest table. The Montessori children are also making lots of new friends and have started their lessons in Language, Maths Sensorial, Practical Life and Circle Time. We have also covered the themes of Manners and Hygiene, Our Families, Our Communities, Autumn Leaves and Shrubs throughout the first semester. All themes are fun and educational and are based around the Montessori Curriculum, Siolta and Aistear.

Our Music Classes which are held after school during the academic year are in full swing; all the guitar students are working hard practising Wagon Wheel, Knocking on Heavens Door and Avicii- Wake Me up! The Voice, Violin and Tin- Whistles classes are all go with a mixture of contemporary, traditional and folk pieces being thought to the students .Due to popular demand we are starting a new Guitar Class for beginners after the Mid – Term break along with a new Violin and Tin-Whistle Beginners class. If you are interested in any of the classes do let us know and we will be happy to give you further information, however pre booking is essential as class numbers are limited.

In our Saturday Art Class ( 11am-12:15pm), the children are busy completing their Autumn Art project and moving on to their Halloween Crafts, Children have being encouraged to bring in leaves from home and to discuss which tree they came from and incorporate these into their Art Project. Familiar Trees we discussed where the Oak, Sliver Birch, Beech, Scots Pine, Hawthorn, Maple, Sycamore, Ash, Hazel and the Horse Chestnut.This has proved to be fun and exciting as both children and parents have enjoyed collecting these leaves, many families have spent a family day out collecting leaves and nuts and the children enjoyed telling us about their lovely family days .One boy collected a fantastic leaf from the grounds of Birr Castle, on research I discovered this leaf is believed to be from the Magnolia Delavayi Evergreen tree originally from China, we used his leaf for unique rubbings in his sketch book and his Leaf design project he was thrilled with the creation, it was lovely to see how great Nature and Art complement each other to make children have fun and still learn about the world around them!

All the leaves that the children collected have being used in their Autumn Art Projects such as Relief Rubbings, Leaf Creative Design,Autumn Creative Writing and College work. We are now moving onto our Halloween / Autumn Craft Cat and Scarecrow Project, children are painting, colouring and using fresh straw to create a very festive Halloween project .This week the Art Children have a special job to do with the help of their families, they are to collect a small amount of fresh straw that is if they live near a farm, of course we have to go with our Mum , Dad …  and ask the farmers permission first , if any of the children can’t get straw, we won’t panic I’m lucky that my Father in Law is a farmer and has giving me lots of straw to help with our Art Class but it is always nice to go on the nature walk with our families and find out from the local framer why they use straw and a little about Harvest time on their farms but as I have told the children  must wait till they are with parents etc and ask the farmer first as farms have lots of machinery and animals and children cannot go unsupervised on to a farmers land, this is so important!

For this week’s Art Homework all children have to do research on all the Autumn Harvest Vegetables and Fruits that we see in our local supermarkets, looking forward to hearing what the children document? I’m thinking Monkey Nuts, Hazel Nuts, Pumpkins, Pomegranates and Grapes…, creative minds at work!!!

We also discussed how we make Barn Brack and the children have to ask their Families what surprises can be found in the festive brack….

Halloween Camp 2013

It is hard to believe that it is nearly the time when we are running our Halloween Camp this Mid- Term Break, during the camp we will be making Halloween Crafts, playing lots of Autumn games, Nature Walks, Art, Music, a Voice Workshop, Music Instrumental Workshop, Making Some Halloween Treats to take home and of course we will be having our Halloween Fancy Dress Party!!!

 The Halloween Camp is held from 10am- 2pm /9:30am – to 3: pm-Tues the 29th October – 1st November 2013. Parents can avail of a daily session or they can avail of the four day camp and they can choose a time that suits them from the above sessions, family rates are also available! If you are working and want your child to be kept busyor if your child just likes to be on the go this Mid-Term then give M&A’s a ring and we will ensure that your child/children are kept busy in a safe, friendly, fun and educational environment. Parents pack a healthy lunch for their child as in school and we will provide treats and refreshments throughout the day! Children also wear comfortable footwear such as runners as we will be busy busy all day!!! Parents must pre book for the Camp as places are limited, this can be done by contacting the school where you will receive a booking Form / Application Form this can also be downloaded from the Home Page.

If your child is interested in starting Music we will also be running a little Music Workshop for the children interested on the wed 30th of October during the Halloween Camp, so buddy enthusiasts are welcome….

Keep checking our blog to see what Classes we will be running for the Winter and of course are Festive Christmas Art Craft Classes these have being a massive success the last few years, I will keep you updated to what will be happening next term very soon………..



It is hard to believe we have come to the end of our Summer Season at M & A’s we had a very busy and enjoyable Summer, the children really enjoyed all the fun activities that was planned this Summer, we enjoyed Music, Dancing, French , Spanish, Art, Crafts, T- Shirt Painting and lots of games to name but a few activities!

The children all had great opportunities to meet new friends and explore their creativity in a fun an educational way! We finished our Summer School with a fashion show all the children prepared for the show by designing their t- shirts, making tickets, nail painting, make up and preparing for their Music Performances for the Interval as well as group Singing Performance , it took lots of preparation but proved to be a great success!

We have posted lots of photographs of our Journey throughout Summer 2013,this can be checked out on our Gallery page! Can your child find lots of their friends from the Summer in our Gallery??

We are now rolling into our New Semester for the Montessori Pre School and we would like to welcome all children and parents back to our school as all the children are settling into their exciting educational journey!

This Month we will be focusing on the themes of Back To School, Manners and Hygiene,Our Families and Healthy Eating as well as lots of painting, singing, musical instruments, counting, puzzles, games and free play!

The children are all making new friends and getting into their new school routine, so we wish them all the love and happiness in school with us this year!

Autumn art and Craft classes are resuming on Sat the 14th of September, we will be focusing on drawing, painting and Autumn/Halloween themed Projects, also our Music and Grinds classes are resuming these offer Singing, Guitar,Tin- Whistle and Violin classes as well as help with Math, English and French classes starting back this week the 9th of September!

If you are interested in enrolling your child for any of the above classes, we will be happy to help discuss same with you!



M&A’s would like to congratulate our little scholars who have recently graduated from their final year at Montessori Music and Arts and we wish them all the best in big school, all the children celebrated with a little party, with song and dance. Children received their school folder, nature copy and class photograph and enjoyed their little celebration ceremony in which they received their colourful M&A’s Certificate. We all sang a song and danced for Mummies, Daddies, Grandparent and Baby sitters, it was a joy to see so many happy faces. We wish all our little scholars every blessing in the future!!!

We have just started into our busy week of Summer School, in which all the children are getting to take part in lots of exciting activities such as Music, Arts, Crafts, Science, Fashion, T-Shirt Painting, Jewellery Making and Fun Games as well as getting the opportunity to make new friends and learn new skills in a bright and spacious creative environment!

This week at Junior Camp the children are enjoying painting and sticking their Summer Beach themed Project along with making Mr Sun (we hope that by making these fun summer themed crafts that it might encourage the sun to come out…we will have to wish for that), the children are also partaking in fun music and song activities and lots of games to enjoy together! These activities encourage the children’s independence, confidence and creativity.

Camps are taking part daily from 10 am to 2pm / 9:30am – 3pm, parents don’t have to book in for a full week, daily options are available but pre booking is advisable in order to guarantee a place  for your child. So if you are working during the summer or just need a few hours to get bits and bobs done and need your child to be cared for and kept busy busy busy then M&A’s is just the place for you. If your child is between four (or nearly there) and 12 years of age then give us at M&A’s a buzz, we will be happy to chat you through our Summer School weekly schedule as every week we do different activities.

Next week we will be rolling into our French Culture, Music and Arts / Crafts and Activity Camp which promises to be lots of fun, creative and educational too, we will be keeping you informed on how this goes next week…..

Summer Activity Camps

Summer Camps 2013

M&A’s are now enrolling for our Summer Camps 2013 and our Pre School Montessori Sessions for September 2013! Our Summer Camp sessions are a mixture of Art, Music, Crafts, Play, Table Tennis, French, Spanish, Hop Scotch, Fashion Week, T- Shirt Painting, Games, Picnic, Music, Crochet, Music Classes, Dance, Science and Botany to name but a few activities! Parents wishing to enrol for our next Montessori session in September are welcome to come visit us at M&A’s Montessori and Arts School to see all the activities taking place! We would love to chat to you and discuss any classes that you might be interested in for your child or children whether it is Montessori Pre School, Music, Language, Art or Summer Camps!

M&A’s would like to thank all parents for their support throughout the academic year and we hope that the children enjoyed all their classes and fun making new friends and learning new creative skills with us!

The Montessori Children will be finishing up their Academic year at the end of June, and some of our students will be leaving us to head to big school, so we would like to wish those students the best of luck on their educational journey and every blessing to all the children and their families! We at M&A’s are confident that all the children moving forward are prepared and ready for their new move and this is achieved through all areas of the Montessori Prepared Environment and support and care of the teachers in the school!

For all the children coming to partake in our Summer Camps, Classes and Pre School in the near future, we are really looking forward to seeing you all and we can promise you that you will have  great fun, make lots of new friends, new creative skills and have a fun educational time with us at M&A’s.